Announcing our first two artists!

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce the involvement of our first two artists with our upcoming book, Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir AnthologyOur Indiegogo campaign ends in only 10 days, and we have enough for three artists, and are only $14 away from our fourth. We would really love to be able to get an artist for each of the ten stories before the end of the campaign! 

I have approached three artists, and two of them have confirmed. I picked the stories using a randomising function on my excel spreadsheet, so that it would be as fair as possible. 

Our first artist, illustrating Dominica Malcolm‘s beautiful story Siren, is Grace Jensen. Her exquisite work can be seen on her website. We are really thrilled to have her on board, and I for one cannot wait to see what she is going to produce. 

Our second artist, illustrating J.M. Pauler’s gorgeous The Brooch, is Ashley Frary. Her stunning art can be seen on her Facebook page. Don’t forget to Like her! Ashley has done some work for Plunge Magazine, and we are delighted to have her involved in this project. 

I’ve approached a third artist, but am waiting for him to respond, and I have two more waiting in the wings, just needing our funds to hit the targets, so any help you can send our way would be most welcome. Remember, every physical copy of the book will receive a pack of postcards from this artwork, which is an offer ONLY AVAILABLE TO INDIEGOGO BACKERS! So don’t delay! You only have ten days to get this beautiful art in addition to the book for the same price.

We also will still need more artists, if we do hit our target, so if you know any artists, please send them our way.  



Call for Artists!

Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology is go! We’ve hit our target, and so this book will be happening and out in the world in the next month or so. 

Our first stretch goal is all about artists! We’d like to commission ten artists, one for each story, to do an A4 illustration of one of the stories for us. We need about $66 per artist. That will mean I can pay the artists $50 each for their work, and include a set of postcard prints of the images with each printed book ought in our Indiegogo campaign.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at with links to or examples of your work. It’s going to happen pretty quickly, so basically, as soon as we hit each target, I’ll pick an artist and send them one of the stories. If they want to go ahead once they’ve read the story, I’ll announce it here, until we have ten. Assuming we hit the stretch goal of $2160!

As I write this, we already have enough for ONE artist, so get in quickly! And spread the word!! 

ETA: We hit our target. We’re still looking for TWO MORE artists!

ETA again: I have now filled all the artist slots! Thanks for all the interest!


Fantasy Noir on Indiegogo

Good morning from really-not-sunny-yet New Zealand!

I am up at disgusting o’clock to launch the Indiegogo campaign for our amazing first project – a collection of Fantasy Noir stories.

Go and order your copy here!

The anthology is really good – I am very pleased with the quality and range of stories it has in it. I can’t wait to share it with people! It contains work by: Dominica Malcolm, Everett Warren, Tom Trumpinski, Kate M. Allen, Jas Templet, Jem Pauler, Jax Goss, Jeremiah Murphy, Dan Heichel and S. Bell.

Don’t miss it!

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