About Solarwyrm

With our current and future catalogue, Solarwyrm’s goal is to focus primarily on publishing works with significant diversity, balancing characters and writers with more racial, sexuality, and gender diversity. We tend to stay away from straight white male protagonists, as mainstream media always has plenty to offer those characters.

Solarwyrm Press is presently run solely by writer and editor Dominica Malcolm, following Jax Goss’s decision to venture into publishing elsewhere. Books are published sporadically now, due to Dominica’s other life commitments.

How Solarwyrm Came to Be

Sometime in 2012, Jax Goss wrote a story for an anthology that never happened. That story was “Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight”. It was what she could only describe as “Fantasy Noir”. On a whim, she thought, hey, I have a lot of writer friends, maybe I can just get a bunch of them to write fantasy noir stories, and make an anthology. She put out some feelers, and there was some interest.

She thought, I suppose if I’m going to publish an anthology, I should have some sort of publishing imprint to publish it under. She did some judicious googling of various names, came up with Solarwyrm (she loves both dragons and the sun), discovered it was almost non existent on Google, bought the domain name on a whim, and threw up a very hasty WordPress site.

And then she sat on the idea for a while.

Right up until Dominica Malcolm approached her about creating a kind of writer’s collective, where a bunch of writers could publish their work under a single imprint. Jax said, oh hey, I kind of already have this name and domain and WordPress site. I suppose we could use that.

And thus Solarwyrm was born. Our goal is to find and publish relatively unknown writers, and, where possible, provide opportunities for artists and designers to work with us. We’re dedicated to remaining a paying market, despite having pretty much zero capital, which we do through crowdfunding work.

Our first release was Fae Fatales in 2013, which is no longer available through Solarwyrm, as Jax will be re-releasing the books she edited through her new venture.


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