Crowdfunding Marked by Scorn

The crowdfunding campaign for Marked by Scorn has been running for the last two weeks, and we’re already down to the final 10 days. I meant to announce it here sooner, but things have been busy.

If you’re not already aware of this book, the premise behind it was to put together a collection of stories and poetry that highlight a diverse array of characters in various non-traditional relationships. I have been making my mark highlighting the tales of the under-represented characters in mainstream media for years now. Focusing in particular on racial diversity, as with Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, and sexuality diversity, like with many of the female characters in my pirate time-travel novel, Adrift (which features 4 women who are not straight and fall in different places along the sexuality spectrum).

Marked by Scorn follows and expands on both of these diverse areas, with stories across 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America), more gender diversity (transgender, gender fluid, and intersex, as well as your more common cisgender characters), and a wider variety of gay, lesbian, and bisexual stories than what appeared in Amok. Many of the South East Asian stories explore what it’s like to have to hide your homosexuality in those cultures.

But these are all stories that transcend the labels, with universal experiences that everyone can relate to. Even if you fit the mainstream culture. As one reviewer put it:

“Altogether, the collection is uplifting, heart-wrenching, sexy, fun, wicked, but most of all, utterly important. Because the one thing that ties all of these stories of breakups and makeups and threesomes and violence and werewolves and partnerships and understanding together—is love. And what could possibly be more important than that?”

While we’re already 20% funded, we still have a way to go to reach the $2,500 goal. If you haven’t already seen the campaign, let me lay down a few basic details about what YOU get:

  • If we reach the goal, everyone who backed the campaign will get a free ebook of Solarwyrm’s first anthology, Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology. This will likely be the last time the book will be available with Solarwyrm, as the editor has moved on to another publishing business.
  • Backers will get their paperbacks at least a month prior to the publication date (July 31) – they’re ready to be sent out as soon as the campaign ends.
  • San Francisco Bay Area backers will be able to collect their paperbacks in person even earlier, if ordered early enough (there are about 20 available copies scheduled to arrive in Oakland in the next 48 hours, and 3 remaining available copies of Adrift, and 2 of Amok before more would need to be ordered).
  • DRM-free ebooks come with all paperback orders of the same book(s).
  • The ebooks will start to be sent out as of Friday May 27 to anyone who has already backed the campaign.
  • There are still a few ebooks available at the early backer price of $4!

Whilst the book is all ready to send out to people, the aim of the campaign is to raise enough funds to pay the 32 writers what is owed to them as per their contracts. Because Solarwyrm believes in paying our contributors.

So if this all sounds awesome to you, go check out the campaign, buy a book or three (the other books listed above are also listed as perks), and help us spread the word so you can get that bonus ebook.


Last five days!

Here we are, close to the finish line! We’re in the last stages of our Indiegogo campaign for our latest anthologies, Amok and Allusions of Innocence.

The campaign is here, if you haven’t checked it out yet and want to before I even shill it.

The two new anthologies are amazing. We pride ourselves at Solarwyrm on making collections that are diverse and unusual. Our first one, Fae Fatales, definitely lived up to that, and these ones do even more so. The books are full of really excellent stories by indie authors, and the pre-release reviews for both books have born up to how good we think they are.

The campaign also gives you the chance to get various other awesome things from our back catalogue, and a few special campaign only perks (like stories by me and Dom, and a tshirt with the gorgeous cover of Amok on it).

And if that’s not enough for you, I’ve been giving pieces of custom original flash fiction to people who get us over particular milestones over on Facebook. So if you’re not following Solarwyrm or my writer page over there, you should do so and keep an eye out for those offers, and get yourself a piece of flash fiction in the process.

In addition, we’re giving away another eBundle! Last week I gave away FOUR of these bundles. It contains BOTH of Solarwyrm’s new anthologies (Amok and Allusions of Innocence), our first one, Fae Fatales, my book of short stories The Edge of the Map, Dominica Malcolm’s novel Adrift AND a brand new totally original piece of flash fiction written by me to a prompt of your choosing. And all you need to do to win this bundle of awesome is to share the link to our campaign ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET and come back and tell us where you did so. So do it now!

Share this link! Come back and tell me you did, and win yourself some free ebooks!

Update and Giveaway!

As you can see from the beautiful green line, we hit our basic goal!!! This is awesomely exciting, and we are very very grateful to everyone who got us here, but if you scroll down to the “What We Need” section of the essay, you’ll see that we still have a long way to go. The $500 more or less covers our cover artists, and not much else, and I (Jax) really want to be able to pay my authors as richly as they deserve! Our next milestone is $2200, which would cover ALL the expenses for Allusions of Innocence and Amok.
If you’re following Jax on Facebook, you’ll see that she has been offering flash fiction to people who push us over specific milestones. We’ve been contemplating what sort of reward we could offer to people who help us hit our $2200 goal, so watch this space for stretch rewards!

In the meantime, anyone who shares the link to our Solarwyrm campaign anywhere on the internet in the next week, and tells us you did so, will go in a draw to win an ebundle of Jax’s book The Edge of the Map, Dominica’s novel Adrift, and all of our anthologies, Fae Fatales, Amok, and Allusions of Innocence. PLUS, said person will also get a custom story by Jax based on a prompt of your choosing. We’re going to give ONE of these bundles away EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, and you can enter as many times as you like! All you have to do is SHARE THIS LINK and then let us know you have (here, or via email, or by carrier pigeon, or in any other manner you choose).

Amok/Allusions Indiegogo Campaign is live!

We’re live, ladies and gentlemen!

If you’ve been watching the progress of Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction and Allusions of Innocence and would like to get your hands on them before they hit Amazon, and help support us, the time has come!

Get thee hence to Indiegogo and hit the “Contribute Now” button. There are plenty of perks available. You can get yourself electronic or paperback versions of not only these two brand new books, but also everything from our back catalogue.

So don’t hesitate! Do it! Do it now! CLICKY! 

(I may be a bit excited about this.)