Tom Trumpinski

Tom Trumpinski is a retired scientist who was part of the team that found the Top Quark at Fermilab. He’s the originator of three possible solutions for the Fermi Paradox and has spoken about this at Conventions and Symposia across North America. A book of his political and social commentary, Riding the Hell-Bound Train, was published in 2008. The Closing-Time Girl is set in the same place as much of his short-fiction—Iona, a college town where all of the Universes meet for a beer most Friday nights. Tom lives in the United States (East Central Illinois, actually), where he’s a stay-at-home dad to a girl more beautiful than any of his literary creations.

At Solarwyrm

Tom’s story “The Closing-Time Girl” was included in Solarwyrm’s inaugural anthology, Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology.

Tom’s story “The Christmas Dragon” is included in Solarwyrm’s anthology, Allusions of Innocence.


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