Barry Rosenberg

Barry Rosenberg

After completing a maths degree, Barry went on to do a PhD on information processing in the visual system. From England, Barry then moved to Canberra, Australia, where he continued research in image processing.

Barry left research in order to concentrate on tai chi and meditation. After 12 years of being highly itinerant, he returned to Canberra to work in the Australian Public Service. After 5 years, he left to become a home-based picture framer. To framing, he added woodwork and stained glass.

He moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1997 – where he lives with my artist wife, Judith – and since then has also worked in ceramics and junk sculpture.
Barry’s current focus is on woodturning and wooden automata.

Meditation used to create whole poems in his mind and they wouldn’t go away until he wrote them down. Later on, he started to write stories and plays. Currently, though no longer meditating, Barry writes stories and novels, most of which range from quirky to dark.

In the past few years, Barry has had 3 novels published by small publishing companies (one exists only as an e-book) and 14 short stories. He’s also won a few awards.

At Solarwyrm

Barry’s story “The Dead of the Night” is included in Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction.


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