Our Next Title: Marked by Scorn

Marked by Scorn coverAfter far too many delays due to other projects and life commitments, editor Dominica Malcolm is nearing the completion of her anticipated second anthology, Marked by Scorn: An Anthology Featuring Non-Traditional Relationships.

The cover (right), designed by Grace Jensen, depicts two of the relationships featured in the anthology itself, and showcases some of the racial and sexuality diversity that she was looking for.

The book features 8 poems and 25 prose stories. Genre varies throughout from contemporary fiction to romance to speculative fiction to memoir. It currently sits at around 96,000 words and 280 pages.

The crowdfunding campaign should be launched within the next couple of months, so be on the lookout for that. This will enable you to get your copy of the book prior to the official release date, which is not yet decided but likely won’t be until at least two months after the campaign ends.

I am looking for bloggers to write early reviews, so please email solarwyrm@gmail.com to request an advanced reading copy of the ebook. Include where you intend to post your review (blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc).

The contents of the book is as follows:
Mirror Sunsets by Kelly Burke (South Africa)
Waking Dream by Jeremiah Murphy (USA)
Acceptance by DJ Tyrer (poetry)
Emergency Encounter by Cindy Stauffer (Haiti)
Breaking Point by Tara Calaby (Australia)
A Love on the Other Side of the World by Men Pechet (Cambodia)
The Way Love Goes by Dana L Stringer (poetry)
Alone Time by Viny (Denmark)
If it Ain’t Broke by Sara Dobie Bauer (USA)
Keeping Mum About Dad by Vanessa Ng (Singapore)
The Alleys of the Mind by Cathy Bryant (poetry)
Deer Hunting With the Prey by Tom Trumpinski (USA)
Holiday Mini-Series by Adan Ramie (USA)
Fragmented by DJ Tyrer (UK)
Lessons on Loving an Able-Bodied Man by Taylor Lyn Carmen (poetry)
The Kebaya King by Rumaizah Abu Bakar (Malaysia, Indonesia)
The Affair by Rebecca Freeman (Australia)
Spar by Baylea Jones (USA)
Draupadi Hallucinating by Rochelle Potkar (poetry, India)
Dominion Hotel by Mo Reynolds (Canada)
Churriye by Khadija Anderson (Senegal)
Flesh and Stone by Dominica Malcolm (Thailand, Malaysia)
Spiralling Home by Karen Sylvia Rockwell (poetry)
The Final Act by Tom Nolan (UK)
Love is in the Blood by Kawika Guillermo
Holi Colour by Shruti Sareen (India)
Penelope by Eve Kenneally (poetry)
Simplicity by Donnelle Belanger-Taylor
Roulez by GK Hansen (USA)
Under the Sycamores by Terry Sanville (USA)
On Being Loved by a White Boy by Kiki Nicole (poetry)
Partners by Jude Ortega (Philippines)
No Magical Vanilla by Jo Wu (USA)


A long overdue update!

Well, hello people who pay attention to Solarwyrm! There hasn’t been much to pay attention to recently, has there?

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the people behind the world of Solarwyrm have both been swamped by real life recently. But in good ways! Dom moved to SF, and has been very busy there doing all sorts of amazing things, some of which you can read about on her blog. I moved to Wellington (NZ) to actually study publishing, and learn all the things we’ve been doing wrong. And I am learning a LOT! So you can expect some subtle and maybe not so subtle changes around here as I start to implement the things I’m discovering.

As for the Solarwyrm projects, Latchkey Tales continues to discover and publish amazing, quirky stories and poetry every two months. I’ve just spent some time making sure they’re all up and running on Amazon as both physical books and ebooks, so if you missed some and would like to go back and get them, they should be up in the next couple of days, depending on how long it takes Amazon to process it. Once they’re all up, I’ll be posting a bunch of links, and maybe even indulging in some specials and promos for all our books, so keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page for those. For the new editions coming out over the next few months, though, the Patreon page is still the best, and cheapest, way of getting your mitts on Latchkey.

Dom is working away on our next anthology, Marked by Scorn, so you can expect an update on that sometime in the next little while as well.

And in general I am going to be a bit more active around here. So look forward to a bit more from us in the near future. And thanks for sticking around. You guys are the reason we do this. 🙂

— Jax

Cover Reveal! Latchkey Tales 1.3: Songs of the Earth

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be able to share with you the cover for the next edition of Latchkey Tales, “Songs of the Earth”. It has been designed by the immensely talented Oscar Dominguez, and it is yet another beautiful addition to the Latchkey covers.

So without further ado, here it is:

Songs of the Earth cover


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Latchkey Tales 1.2: Elementals (Children of Water)

I’ve just completed the final edit on the next edition of Latchkey Tales, and I’m very excited about it. This is an awesome little collection of stories and poems, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

This edition includes the following stories and poems:

And the Key Sang – Joel A. Nichols (“A man who is about to repeat the risky stunt he successfully completed years before realises what it will cost him.”)

Water in Her Eyes – Shauna Aura Knight

The Collector – Tara Campbell (“Being Trident’s girlfriend isn’t as glamorous as one would think—a mermaid tries to make the most of her banishment far away from the ocean.”)

Adie – Jax Goss

Sugarplum Island – Barb Siples (“Too old for his orphanage, a mysterious foundling is kicked to the streets of a derelict manufactory town and lured into paradise.”)

The Siren Calls – Dominica Malcolm

Wisdom – Llanwyre Laish (“A woman who pursues a fish for fourteen years learns that she can only catch what she desires when she embodies it completely.”)

Beachers – Evan Purcell (“Two brothers find an egg on an isolated beach; they quickly learn that some things are better left untouched.”)


The cover is yet another masterpiece by Luke Spooner.

Latchkey - August version 1

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