Latchkey Tales – Jax Goss (ed)

Latchkey Tales began as an experiment in subscription funding, and turned into a project ridiculously close to my heart. For a year and a half now, every two months, I have been putting together a chapbook of stories and poetry and releasing them into the wild. The books are themed in year-long cycles, and each edition is a point in that cycle.
I’ve been ridiculously blessed by the subscribers who have supported us, and also in the writers and artists who have worked on this project with me, who have been willing to work for way less than they deserve, constantly giving me wonderful work, and helping ensure this remarkable little project stays afloat.
The best way to get hold of Latchkey Tales is still by subscribing on the Patreon page, but all past editions are available on Amazon (see links below) as both chapbooks and ebooks.

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Buy Latchkey Tales: Elementals (Songs of the Earth): Chapbook | Ebook
Buy Latchkey Tales: Elementals (Wings of Air): Chapbook | Ebook
Buy Latchkey Tales: Elementals Omnibus 2014: Chapbook | Ebook
Buy Latchkey Tales: Clockwise (The Morning After): Chapbook | Ebook
Buy Latchkey Tales: Clockwise (The Afternoon Storms): Chapbook | Ebook
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Heartbeats front cover

Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression – Jax Goss (ed)

In 2014, Boko Haram stole 276 young women and girls from their families, and the world finally took notice. My friend and colleague, M. Kate Allen found herself desperately wanting to use her power over words to help, and so Heartbeats was born. She asked me to edit it, and we did a submission call throughout our various networks and  published it in conjunction with Fey Publishing. Every person who worked on this book did it for free, and every cent it makes goes to the anti-trafficking organisation,
I think out of all the projects on which I have worked, my involvement in this makes me proudest, not just because it was for such a good cause, and because my community came together so amazingly to make it happen in a truly astonishingly short amount of time, but also because the product itself is fantastic. The stories are hard, and harrowing, and uplifting, and beautiful. They are haunting and hopeful. This book would have been an achievement in its own right, but the fact that it is still out there making a small contribution to ending slavery in this world makes me prouder than I can say.

Stories by M. Kate Allen, Geraldine Cornwall, Jax Goss, Debbie Lechtman, Alana Garrigues, KL Mabbs, Caddy Rowland, Desiree Nicole, Rebecca Freeman and John Belden. Cover design by Luke Spooner

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Allusions of Innocence

Allusions of Innocence – Jax Goss (ed)

Allusions of Innocence began as a simple idea about precocious children, but took on a life of its own. While I hadn’t intended it to be a horror anthology (and not all the stories are horror), it became a collection of predominantly very strange and creepy tales. There are a couple of funny ones, but even those have a sense of the eerie. I suppose that’s what happens when you ask writers to come up with stories about unusually precocious children.
It is a wonderful anthology, featuring the work of a wealth of excellent writers. Probably not for the faint of heart though – the stories do tend towards the dark. Also notable for being the first time we worked with the amazing Luke Spooner, who has gone on to do several more of our covers. Look at that picture! Creepy as hell. Delightful.

Stories by A.P. Sessler, Recle E. Vibal, Frida Stavenow, Gerri Leen, Meriah L. Crawford, Steve Ward, James D. Fischer, Sean Moreland, Drake Vaughn, Scathe meic Beorh, Mona Opubor, Shaun Avery, Laird Long, M. Kate Allen, Martin David Edwards, Patrick Scalisi, Terence Toh and Tom Trumpinski. Cover Design by Luke Spooner.

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Cover of Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction

Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction – Dominica Malcolm (ed)

Shortlisted for Best Anthology in the 2014 Aurealis Awards for Australian speculative fiction writers and editors.
In an anthology that spans from India in the west to Hawai‛i in the east, and as far south as Australia and New Zealand, 24 authors bring you an exciting range of tales set in the past, present, and future.
Discover characters like the Moon Rabbit from Chinese mythology, a kitsune from Japanese mythology, and the aswang from Filipino mythology.
Find out what arises when a struggling Malaysian student seeks help for her studies in Chinatown, and what happens when the garbage in the Pacific Ocean is seen as a valuable treasure. Futures imagined stretch from amazing advances in technology to depressing dystopias.
Stories by Brett Adams, Jo Wu, Kris Williamson, Recle Etino Vibal, Tabitha Sin, Ailia Hopkins, KZ Morano, TR Napper, Terence Toh, Kawika Guillermo, Barry Rosenberg, Eeleen Lee, Jax Goss, Jo Thomas, Daniel A. Kelin, II, Fadzlishah Johanabas, Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, Dominica Malcolm, Aashika Nair, Celeste A. Peters, Agnes Ong, Rebecca Freeman, NJ Magas and Tom Barlow. Cover design by Jun Hun Yap

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cover Adrift

Adrift – Dominica Malcolm

What started out as an idea for a unique short film she could shoot with a friend in Hawaii, Dominica Malcolm turned into a full-length novel about a time-travelling female pirate, exploring a diverse cast of characters of various races and sexualities. Ultimately, it is a story of finding one’s own identity. And, as the protagonist, Jaclyn Rousseau, cannot read, 20% of the profits of this book go toward the World Literacy Foundation.

It’s the 21st century, and Jaclyn Rousseau is not where she should be. 1661 disappeared before her eyes, and there’s no way home. That matters not to Jaclyn – she lost her lover, and everything else that meant anything to her, in the West Indies.
In an adventure that crosses time and the Atlantic, a murderous pirate must find a place for herself in this new world.
Can she escape her past, or will it catch up with her?

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Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology – Jax Goss (ed)

Fae Fatales was Solarwyrm’s inaugural project, and was, shall we say, a steep learning curve. We had no idea what we were doing, and as a result did nearly everything wrong in terms of process. Despite this, we still managed to produce a book that was not only full of really quality stories, but was utterly beautiful as well. Each individual tale has its own full colour plate illustration, each by a different artist. Several of the artists who worked on this with us went on to do covers for other books for us, and several of the writers have since published novels of their own. Despite our many and myriad mistakes, Fae Fatales is a project of which we remain proud.
Stories by J.L Pauler, Jeremiah Murphy, Tom Trumpinski, Daniel Heichel, M. Kate Allen, Jasmine M. Templet, Jax Goss, Sally Bell, Dominica Malcolm, and Everett A. Warren. Art by Ashley Frary, Lora Gray, Crimson City Inc., Steph Sweet, Craig Johnston, Jeremy Jayme, Jun Hun Yap, Rosaria Battiloro, Grace Jensen and Justin McElroy. Cover illustration by Jeremiah Murphy, design by Lisa Emmanuel.

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