Cover of Adrift by Dominica Malcolm

It’s the 21st century, and Jaclyn Rousseau is not where she should be. 1661 disappeared before her eyes, and there’s no way home. That matters not to Jaclyn—she lost her lover, and everything else that meant anything to her, in the West Indies.

In an adventure that crosses time and the Atlantic, a murderous pirate must find a place for herself in this new world.

Can she escape her past, or will it catch up with her?

Adrift, written by Dominica Malcolm, was the first novel published by Solarwyrm Press.

The first copies were sold on Indiegogo, where we crowdfunded for marketing, promotion, and advertising costs.

It was released on September 19, 2013.

Buy the book


Download the DRM-free ebook (zip file with PDF, epub, and mobi/Kindle)
Amazon (Kindle edition)
Apple iBooks (epub)
Kobo (epub)
Indigo (epub)
Angus and Robertson (epub)


Wheelers (Australia / New Zealand)
Barnes & Noble
The Book Depository
Angus and Robertson

*Buying the paperback on Amazon entitles you to a free Kindle edition of the book through their Matchbook program.

20% of net profits of the book will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation.


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