Things are happening!

Here’s a bit of a roundup of various things that are going on.

Fae Fatales

I am very nearly wrapped up with the Fae Fatales project. The special backers’ editions will be in the post next week, the book is available on Createspace, and will soon be available on Amazon, and as an eBook. It has been a very steep learning curve for Solarwyrm, and for me, but I have learnt a lot and I think our next project will be all the smoother for that.

I want to take a minute to talk about this book and what it means to me, personally. It’s obviously very special to me, as Solarwyrm’s inaugural anthology, but it’s also something I am very proud of in its own right. I love crowdfunding as a model, and am thrilled that we managed to do it successfully. But it’s more than that. The book itself is really a piece of art. Every single story in it is fantastic in its own right, and the artwork our artists did for it is all absolutely beautiful. As a whole, Fae Fatales is incredibly inclusive. I did not set out to make a diverse anthology, not specifically, and yet that’s what happened. The book includes LGBT characters (almost as many as the straight/cis ones, which is awesome). There are people of colour between its pages. And I love that that just happened. I love that I didn’t have to set out to do it. Clearly the writers from whom I drew these stories just see the world that way – diverse, colourful. That makes me incredibly proud.

In addition to that, the artists and writers themselves are drawn from multiple countries and backgrounds. The Travelling Book concept  only works precisely because we are scattered across the globe. And how awesome is that? I love living in the future.

The website

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the website. There is now a “People of Solarwyrm” section, with bios for all the people that have been involved with the Press thus far – writers, artists, designers. There is also the beginning of a “Books” section, which so far only has the one on it. But give me time. 🙂

Precocious Children

There is a call for submission for Solarwyrm’s next project. If you’re a writer, have a look.






Hi all! 

I have been buried in many things, both personal and professional, and have been neglecting my internetly duties. So I thought I’d pop by and give you some updates on how things are going with Fae Fatales. 

The ebooks are ready and have been going out to backers. I hope to get them up for sale very soon, but am still working out the best way to go about that. If you are a backer, you should have got an email asking about your preferred format. If you haven’t. let me know. Even if you bought a print book, you can still get the ebook in advance if you want it. 

The print books are ready and printed and in my house. I am finalising some of the secret bonus backer perks that are going in your packages, but hope to have them in the post by the end of the week. 

That means that the Travelling Books will also be on their way very soon on their journey around the world collecting signatures. 

I am also going to start posting the art that we commissioned, both here and on our Facebook page. That should happen over the next couple of days, if all goes to plan. 

I’m also working on ways of getting the print book out to sale as soon as possible. As soon as that is finalised, I will let you know!

So that’s where we are at present. I am buried in getting your goodies to you, and making it possible for more people to get their hands on this amazing book. It looks really good! I am so pleased with it. 



Announcing Artists 7 to 9

I have three more artists to announce! 


First of all, Craig Johnson is illustrating M. Kate Allen’s story The Devil is An Elven Dame. His work can be found on his website, and I will say this about him. I send him Kate’s story two days ago, and the art was waiting in my inbox this morning. It is gorgeous! So, I can’t really recommend him highly enough – beautiful work, and amazingly quickly done! Thank you so much, Craig! 

Our next artist is Jun Hun Yap. His work can be seen on his website, and he will be illustrating my story, Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight. For obvious reasons, I am particularly excited about this one. 🙂 

Finally, Rosaria Battiloro is working on Sally Bell’s story, What you see and what you get. Her gorgeous work can be found on her website, or on her Deviant Art page. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. 

I am still waiting for the final artist to confirm, but I expect that announcement to come later today. 



Announcing Artists 3 and 4!

We have reached the last 57 hours of Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology‘s Indiegogo campaign. We currently have enough funds for 5 out of the 10 artists. I have confirmation from four of them, and so it is with very great pleasure that I announce our third and fourth artists. 

The third artist to join our ranks is one of my favourite artists, Josh Carrington. Josh’s absolutely amazing work can be seen on his website, and on his Facebook page. He will be illustrating Tom Trumpinski’s absolutely wonderful The Closing Time Girl.

Our fourth artist is Steven Raaymakers. His exquisite work can be found on his Deviant art Page. He will be working on Bleeding Ink by J.M. Templet. 

I have approached our fifth artist, but am waiting for confirmation, and I still have a couple waiting in the wings. 

I am also offering a free poetry chapbook to anyone who contributes to the campaign. Pay for the book, get the poetry for free. 🙂 Have a look on my blog for more details