Announcing Artists 3 and 4!

We have reached the last 57 hours of Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology‘s Indiegogo campaign. We currently have enough funds for 5 out of the 10 artists. I have confirmation from four of them, and so it is with very great pleasure that I announce our third and fourth artists. 

The third artist to join our ranks is one of my favourite artists, Josh Carrington. Josh’s absolutely amazing work can be seen on his website, and on his Facebook page. He will be illustrating Tom Trumpinski’s absolutely wonderful The Closing Time Girl.

Our fourth artist is Steven Raaymakers. His exquisite work can be found on his Deviant art Page. He will be working on Bleeding Ink by J.M. Templet. 

I have approached our fifth artist, but am waiting for confirmation, and I still have a couple waiting in the wings. 

I am also offering a free poetry chapbook to anyone who contributes to the campaign. Pay for the book, get the poetry for free. 🙂 Have a look on my blog for more details


About Dominica May

Most of my blogging tends toward my travel experiences, and diversity in media, but I will also discuss my own creative pursuits, which are generally in the film, writing, and performance fields. I'm also an editor at Solarwyrm Press. Performance: improv, acting, stand-up comedy. Filmmaking: Screenwriting, directing, video editing, short films, music videos. Writing: speculative fiction, memoir, short stories. Though I consider myself a citizen of the world, with how many places feel like home to me, I was born and raised in Australia, to American parents. I'm a dual-national of both countries, lived in Malaysia for five and a half years, and now live in the US.

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