Cover reveal: Latchkey Tales (Wings of Air)

This is the beautiful cover for December’s edition of Latchkey Tales (Wings of Air). It is designed by the talented Rosaria Battiloro, and is the last in our Elementals cycle.

Wings of Air cover

NOTE: Submissions for this edition close on the 31st October, which is this Friday! I’m a little low on submissions this month, so if you have a story or poem that needs a home that fits the “WINGS OF AIR” theme, please submit it NOW!

Submission information is here. 


About Dominica May

Most of my blogging tends toward my travel experiences, and diversity in media, but I will also discuss my own creative pursuits, which are generally in the film, writing, and performance fields. I'm also an editor at Solarwyrm Press. Performance: improv, acting, stand-up comedy. Filmmaking: Screenwriting, directing, video editing, short films, music videos. Writing: speculative fiction, memoir, short stories. Though I consider myself a citizen of the world, with how many places feel like home to me, I was born and raised in Australia, to American parents. I'm a dual-national of both countries, lived in Malaysia for five and a half years, and now live in the US.

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