PROMOS, Latchkey Tales and other updates

I’ve just finished putting together the third edition of Latchkey Tales – Songs of the Earth, and it’s another awesome edition. It includes stories by Zoe McAuley, Hall Jameson, Jax Goss, Tanya Bryan and Carol Holland March, and poems by Shauna Aura Knight, Roscoe Matthews and Deborah Guzzi. The table of contents is below, but before we get to that, I’d like to draw your attention to our Patreon page, where there is an awesome promotion going on, which will be the last of its kind before the 2014 omnibus comes out in early 2015.

For September only, you can get all three of the existing Latchkey Tales (including “Songs of the Earth”, the new one coming out in October) for the price of ONE. If you subscribe to Latchkey Tales in September, when I send you “Songs of the Earth”, I’ll also send “Fire and Ice” and “Children of Water”.

So hit the link and subscribe now! While the two previous editions are available on Amazon, until the Omnibus comes out, this is by far the cheapest way to get all these amazing stories. And it’s only on offer during September, so time is running out. Do it, do it NOW!


Table of Contents for “Songs of the Earth”.

Rock Formations by Zoe McAuley (“An unfortunate village discovers the sordid truth about geological processes.”)
Brooding Rooted by Deborah Guzzi
Memory Bites by Hall Jameson (“A woman discovers answers about her mother’s death and father’s illness when she encounters unexpected allies in a thriving underground community.”)
Sands by Roscoe Matthews
Crone by Jax Goss (“An old woman sings a song to the powers beneath the earth, calling down disaster on those who would hurt her daughters.”)
Garden of Roses by Shauna Aura Knight
Baked Baby by Tanya Bryan (“A mother uses magic to create a baby sibling for her son Jordy to play with, but Jordy always finds a way to mess things up.”)
La Loba by Carol Holland March (“Seeking her lost daughter, a woman follows a mysterious crone through the Nevada desert and learns an ancient secret.”)


In other promo news, Allusions of Innocence will be available for download for THREE DAYS only for free starting the 23rd September. I’ll be posting about this again, once the promo is live, but thought I’d give people who have read all the way down to here a heads-up.

You can get it for free from the 23rd September HERE.  


And on a final, more personal note, my Snow Queen retelling, “A Taste of Winter” is going to be included in “Twice Upon a Time”, edited by the ever awesome Joshua Allen Mercier as the firstborn child of his “The Bearded Scribe Press“. I love this story, and what I have seen of the other contributors makes me think this anthology is going to be amazing. Plus the cover was designed by Luke Spooner, who has worked on a number of our projects with us.

You can find out more and help with this awesome project here. 


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