PROMOS, Latchkey Tales and other updates

I’ve just finished putting together the third edition of Latchkey Tales – Songs of the Earth, and it’s another awesome edition. It includes stories by Zoe McAuley, Hall Jameson, Jax Goss, Tanya Bryan and Carol Holland March, and poems by Shauna Aura Knight, Roscoe Matthews and Deborah Guzzi. The table of contents is below, but before we get to that, I’d like to draw your attention to our Patreon page, where there is an awesome promotion going on, which will be the last of its kind before the 2014 omnibus comes out in early 2015.

For September only, you can get all three of the existing Latchkey Tales (including “Songs of the Earth”, the new one coming out in October) for the price of ONE. If you subscribe to Latchkey Tales in September, when I send you “Songs of the Earth”, I’ll also send “Fire and Ice” and “Children of Water”.

So hit the link and subscribe now! While the two previous editions are available on Amazon, until the Omnibus comes out, this is by far the cheapest way to get all these amazing stories. And it’s only on offer during September, so time is running out. Do it, do it NOW!


Table of Contents for “Songs of the Earth”.

Rock Formations by Zoe McAuley (“An unfortunate village discovers the sordid truth about geological processes.”)
Brooding Rooted by Deborah Guzzi
Memory Bites by Hall Jameson (“A woman discovers answers about her mother’s death and father’s illness when she encounters unexpected allies in a thriving underground community.”)
Sands by Roscoe Matthews
Crone by Jax Goss (“An old woman sings a song to the powers beneath the earth, calling down disaster on those who would hurt her daughters.”)
Garden of Roses by Shauna Aura Knight
Baked Baby by Tanya Bryan (“A mother uses magic to create a baby sibling for her son Jordy to play with, but Jordy always finds a way to mess things up.”)
La Loba by Carol Holland March (“Seeking her lost daughter, a woman follows a mysterious crone through the Nevada desert and learns an ancient secret.”)


In other promo news, Allusions of Innocence will be available for download for THREE DAYS only for free starting the 23rd September. I’ll be posting about this again, once the promo is live, but thought I’d give people who have read all the way down to here a heads-up.

You can get it for free from the 23rd September HERE.  


And on a final, more personal note, my Snow Queen retelling, “A Taste of Winter” is going to be included in “Twice Upon a Time”, edited by the ever awesome Joshua Allen Mercier as the firstborn child of his “The Bearded Scribe Press“. I love this story, and what I have seen of the other contributors makes me think this anthology is going to be amazing. Plus the cover was designed by Luke Spooner, who has worked on a number of our projects with us.

You can find out more and help with this awesome project here. 

Cover Reveal! Latchkey Tales 1.3: Songs of the Earth

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be able to share with you the cover for the next edition of Latchkey Tales, “Songs of the Earth”. It has been designed by the immensely talented Oscar Dominguez, and it is yet another beautiful addition to the Latchkey covers.

So without further ado, here it is:

Songs of the Earth cover


You can subscribe to Latchkey for a mere $1 every two months. What are you waiting for? Go and do it! 

Submission information if you want to write for us is here. 

Latchkey Tales 1.2: Elementals (Children of Water)

I’ve just completed the final edit on the next edition of Latchkey Tales, and I’m very excited about it. This is an awesome little collection of stories and poems, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

This edition includes the following stories and poems:

And the Key Sang – Joel A. Nichols (“A man who is about to repeat the risky stunt he successfully completed years before realises what it will cost him.”)

Water in Her Eyes – Shauna Aura Knight

The Collector – Tara Campbell (“Being Trident’s girlfriend isn’t as glamorous as one would think—a mermaid tries to make the most of her banishment far away from the ocean.”)

Adie – Jax Goss

Sugarplum Island – Barb Siples (“Too old for his orphanage, a mysterious foundling is kicked to the streets of a derelict manufactory town and lured into paradise.”)

The Siren Calls – Dominica Malcolm

Wisdom – Llanwyre Laish (“A woman who pursues a fish for fourteen years learns that she can only catch what she desires when she embodies it completely.”)

Beachers – Evan Purcell (“Two brothers find an egg on an isolated beach; they quickly learn that some things are better left untouched.”)


The cover is yet another masterpiece by Luke Spooner.

Latchkey - August version 1

You can have the ebook delivered to your inbox for one tiny dollar by subscribing over on Patreon, or get a hardcopy delivered to you anywhere in the world for only $16.



Call for Submissions: Marked by Scorn

Solarwyrm Press is seeking submissions for a new anthology titled Marked by Scorn: An anthology featuring non-traditional relationships.

This anthology is open to fiction (any genre), non-fiction, and poetry. If you submit a memoir piece, and choose to use real names, please make sure you have permission from those mentioned before submitting.

In the context of this anthology, non-traditional relationships means any romantic/sexual in nature relationship that deviates from society’s stereotype of “normal.” Interracial couples, LGBT+, polyamorous and other open relationship styles, asexual, and so on. Relationships that have in the past and/or are presently deemed “unacceptable” to the majority of society, though that does not need to be the subject of the piece(s) you submit. We want all kinds of submissions about these relationships, both depressing and uplifting and anything in between, but will not publish submissions that clearly discriminate thematically against them.

As with the editor’s previous publication, diversity is important. The final submissions selected for publication will reflect that, and so it will hopefully include as many types of non-traditional relationships as possible. It would also be excellent to see submissions set all over the world. If possible, we would particularly like to include submissions written by people from/living in, or submissions set in locations within the continents of Africa, Asia, and South and Central America, but will not be limited to these regions.

Submissions should not include a lot of gratuitous sex (this is not an erotica anthology), but some sex is acceptable if it is relevant to the story.

A special note form the editor on submissions with interracial couples: whilst I am not against publishing stories where one half of the couple is a white man, I find it very hard to enjoy such a story if the white man is portrayed as some kind of a saviour to their partner.

The editor of this anthology previously published Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, if you would like to get an idea about the stories she has selected in the past.

Submission Guidelines

Please send your submissions by email directed to Dominica Malcolm at You may submit up to 3 stories and/or 5 poems for consideration.

Your attached story should be a .doc, .odt, or .rtf file and must be formatted with double spacing. Times New Roman font is preferred.

The subject line should read “Marked by Scorn Anthology Submission/YOUR SURNAME/TITLE/WORD COUNT”

Within the body of your email, please also indicate: type of submission (poetry, fiction, non-fiction), and how you feel your submission fits the prompt.

Word count (prose): Between 1,000-8,000 words.
Line count (poetry): Not more than 150 lines.
Deadline: February 15th, 2015.

Submissions will not be read until AFTER the deadline, but we will endeavour to notify all writers accepted for the anthology by March 31st, 2015.

Rights and Remuneration

The author will retain copyright of the work. Solarwyrm Press requests first print and digital publication rights, exclusive for 3 months from publication. After that, the author is free to accept publication elsewhere, post the story to their blog, or anything else.

Submissions may be edited for minor spelling, grammar, or formatting issues. Submissions with major spelling and grammar issues will be rejected.

The author will receive 1 paperback copy of the anthology, and be paid at the rate of 1/2 a cent per word, which equates to a maximum of US$40.