Latchkey Tales 1.1: Elementals: Fire and Ice

I am thrilled to announce the very first edition of Latchkey Tales – Elementals: Fire and Ice!

For those who don’t know, Latchkey Tales is an experimental project playing with the idea of a subscription model for a fiction and poetry journal. I am very lucky in that I have access to some incredibly talented artists, writers and poets who have been willing to explore this rather experimental form of crowdfunding with me, and now all we need is readers!

You can subscribe to Latchkey Tales at our Patreon page. If you’re among the first 25 subscribers to the electronic journal, you’ll be able to snap up our early adopter discount, meaning that you will get not only this edition but all subsequent editions of the journal for one single small change measly dollar per issue.

The first edition will be released on the 1 June, which is less than two weeks away, so you need to get in soon! You have to have subscribed to the journal BY THEN in order to receive it.

The cover was designed and illustrated by Jeremy Jayme, and it is beautiful. Let me show you!

latchkey cover (corrected)
The Table of Contents: 

Strays by Tom Trumpinski
After Flames by Chloe Clark
The House Off Wedgemere Road by John Grey
Exile on Portage and Main by Dean MacPherson
The Urn by Holly Day

Bursts by M. Kate Allen
Dragon Tamed by Jax Goss
Songs in the Air (The Ice Queen Lights My Fire) by Ian Loughran


Once again, get in early and net yourself this and future editions for a discounted price by being one of our first 25 subscribers to the eJournal. 


About Dominica May

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