Hi all! 

I have been buried in many things, both personal and professional, and have been neglecting my internetly duties. So I thought I’d pop by and give you some updates on how things are going with Fae Fatales. 

The ebooks are ready and have been going out to backers. I hope to get them up for sale very soon, but am still working out the best way to go about that. If you are a backer, you should have got an email asking about your preferred format. If you haven’t. let me know. Even if you bought a print book, you can still get the ebook in advance if you want it. 

The print books are ready and printed and in my house. I am finalising some of the secret bonus backer perks that are going in your packages, but hope to have them in the post by the end of the week. 

That means that the Travelling Books will also be on their way very soon on their journey around the world collecting signatures. 

I am also going to start posting the art that we commissioned, both here and on our Facebook page. That should happen over the next couple of days, if all goes to plan. 

I’m also working on ways of getting the print book out to sale as soon as possible. As soon as that is finalised, I will let you know!

So that’s where we are at present. I am buried in getting your goodies to you, and making it possible for more people to get their hands on this amazing book. It looks really good! I am so pleased with it.